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They’re happy because they eat lard!

May 5, 2009


This is such a great ad! I got it in one of those emails that are making fun of the ads from the 1930’s. This one stood out to me because it was the only one that was true! 🙂
The Weston A. Price Foundation has this to say about Lard:

“Lard is a traditional fat, the mention of which causes us moderns to cringe. Yet lard is a healthy, natural fat. Lard is rendered fat from pork and is mostly monounsaturated. Lard can be a wonderful source of vitamin D. Traditionally, lard has been used and enjoyed for pastries and frying potatoes—until the vegetable oil industry took over. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lard in your kitchen, it will add lots of flavor to your food.”

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has this to say about lard:

“Lard or pork fat is about 40 percent saturated, 48 percent monounsaturated […] and 12 percent polyunsaturated. […] Like duck and goose fat, lard is stable and a preferred fat for frying. It was used widely in America at the turn of the century. It is an excellent source of vitamin D [something we all need here in the northwest!], especially in third world countries where other animal foods are likely to be expensive.”

We know that traditional, unadulterated fats (including animal fats) are much healthier than trans-fats, hydrogenated fats, and most of the new-fangled vegetable and seed oils.

So, in conclusion eat lard, and be HAPPY! (My husband would not know what to do in the morning with out a slab of bacon grease in which to flavor and cook his eggs in! 🙂 )

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